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Oasis offers full-stack privacy, providing confidentiality at every layer of the protocol — from the application, to the network, down to each node. This allows for trustless privacy, where data is protected automatically with strong security guarantees.


Oasis is built on an entirely new blockchain architecture that separates computation from consensus. This new design makes Oasis faster and more robust — capable of supporting computationally complex applications unseen in traditional blockchain systems.


Using a decentralized consensus-based architecture, Oasis is able to mitigate the risk of malicious hacking, tampering, or other forms of compromise. This helps ensure that services behave as expected — protecting deployments and critical systems.


Roadmap & Key Milestones 


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Learn more about our hardware recommendations and our overall architecture. More to come soon!


Network Papers

Read more about our platform in our non-technical primer, our privacy implementation in Ekiden and our unique approach to scaling.

Oasis Bytes 

Video whiteboard sessions summarizing key aspects of our network and how it works including system architecture, horizontal scaling, and more.



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